Instagram Marketing

Here is what you’ll be learning from this course:

  • Get started with Instagram marketing the right way, saving hours of time trying to figure things out for yourself.
  • Learn the principles of growing a highly engaged audience and ensure that continue to attract followers
  • Optimize your own Instagram profile and  gain more followers that can easily convert to customers
  • Create captivating content and ensure every post is maximizing their return on investment
  • Use Instagram Stories, contests, and giveaways to promote their business, products, and services
  • Get started with Instagram advertising so they can get even better results for your business
  • Track and analyze your progress using a wide range of tools and apps

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks.

A report from Forrester found that Instagram has overtaken Twitter as the second-most important social network for connecting with customers.

So if you have a business, it’s essential that you market yourself with it.

Lesson 1 – Getting Started with Instagram Marketing.

  • Identify the reasons why small businesses should consider marketing on Instagram.
  • Gain a basic understanding of the key Instagram marketing strategies and how the Instagram algorithm works.

Explore examples of brands that have successfully used Instagram and gain some ideas for your own campaigns and content.

Lesson 2 – Growing Your Instagram Audience.

  • Discover fundamental ways to grow your audience and target market on Instagram.
  • How to identify your audience and understand their needs and requirements so that you can create a successful plan.
  • How to engage with your audience, address any negativity and present a consistent brand image so that you attract more potential customers.

included 25 eye-catching Canva Instagram post templates

Lesson 3 – Optimizing Your Instagram Profile.

  • Set up and optimize your Instagram profile so that you can gain more followers and convert them into qualified leads.
  • How to manage your Instagram account settings to ensure you make a great first impression and convey your brand’s personality.Lesson 4 – Creating Content for Instagram.
  • Identify opportunities to create content that will engage your followers.
  • Follow a content planning process for creating new content for Instagram so that your content will get more likes, comments, and engagement.
  • Ensure your posts are optimized so they can be found by more Instagram users and have more chance of be shared and seen by more people.
    Identify and use tactics to increase your follows numbers and audience reach.

Lesson 5 – Promoting Your Products and Offers on Instagram.

  • How to use Instagram Stories, contests, and giveaways to promote your business, products, and services.
  • How to get on the Instagram Explore page so that your business will be discovered by new users every day.
  • How to make use of geotags and hashtags to give your posts a boost and reach more people.
  • Understand the reasons and benefits for using Instagram Ads in conjunction with an organic content strategy.
  • Lesson 6– Getting Instagram Influencers to post for you for free-
    – Using Content Collaboration
    – How to find Influencers to post for you for free
    – Where to find them and how to approach them
    – Getting Nano Influencers to post for you

Lesson 7 – Getting Started with Instagram Advertising.

  • Understand the reasons and benefits for using Instagram Ads in conjunction with an organic content strategy.
  • Select and use the different formats of Instagram ads to reach wider target audiences.
  • Use Facebook Ad Manager to set up your Instagram advertising campaigns and monitor results.
Included in this course:
Workbook, Content Planner
Instagram Resources
A comprehensively researched list of 16 top-rated resources for your own reference and learning

Course Workbook

15-page Word document containing all the learning activities for your students to use alongside the Course Guidebook and presentation.

Instagram Content Planning Workbook
5-page Word document with Instagram content planning guidance, editorial calendar planner and Instagram post template.

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