Attn: Service businesses, coaches, and consultants selling premium programs and services!

If you want to learn a SIMPLE Facebook Ad strategy that gets you more clients than a webinar with a MUCH lower ad budget without complicated funnels or pixels then check out the video below to see how it works!

Facebook is a secret superpower. 

I spend thousands of dollars from top Facebook marketing coaches so I could become a successful Facebook digital marketing agency,

Was it worth it?

Hell yes!

My investment has paid off financially, and emotionally- more confidence, more security, more freedom. 

That training gave me the framework and confidence to get clients for my digital marketing services.  I ‘ve since been running a successful Facebook marketing agency for the past 6 years, and able to provide results for my clients. 

From that day on, I was able to design my own life on my own terms.

The numbers told me everything, - where the audience was responding the most, 

How much my cost per lead was, gave me the clarity to know how much I could expect to do the 

next time.  So If I needed new clients, I could do it easily using the right Facebook strategy. 

I also knew how much my cost per acquisition would be, and how to get them to sign up. 

This is how Facebook is my superpower. With the knowledge and Facebook experience, I have, I never have to go back to a job. EVER.

So what does this have to do with you? Everything. 

I want this for you, too-where you don’t have to struggle anymore and  you’ll be able to tell people,
“I got 15 people in my program in the last two weeks" Or if you’re less modest, “ I made $15,000 last month from Facebook ads” 

No more side hustles, or weekend jobs, I want your courses, and programs to SELL OUT! 

And I can show you how- seriously. I have an upcoming 6-week live training that starts July 15th 

where I show you how to sell out their programs by with this Facebook ad strategy that’s designed specifically for course creators, couches, and consultants.  And it's cheap! I care more about getting you results than getting rich from you. I can do that from facebook :)

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xo Liz

Introducing the Facebook 6-week training where you discover the fastest and easiest strategy to get new clients, making $5K-$20K a month from this simple strategy

This 6 weeks training is only for serious business owners who :

Are ready to commit to learning the RIGHT Facebook strategy that will make you more money in less than 6 weeks.

• Want accountability and a proven method to launch their service business without any tech learning curves.

• Don't yet have a proven method for getting new clients

• Wanting to learn about how to do Facebook ads, without the overwhelm

• Looking to get more clarity on how and where to get clients, and future- cost per acquisition.

• This knowledge of how to find and close prospects lead to financial security, confidence, and freedom

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If you've been wanting to learn more about Facebook ads but it always seems too overwhelming, I GET IT!

But hear me out- This Facebook ad strategy I'm teaching gets more clients faster with a very affordable ad budget.

Join my 6-Week LIVE Group program designed to dramatically get more clients and close sales.

 I want  to learn more !

No webinars, no long sales funnels, no tech knowledge

You'll learn:

  • Step-by-step instructions live on every stage of your marketing; from creating the offer, videos, ads, to setting up your campaigns and more!
  • How to get more clients quickly and seamlessly without a big email list, a big budget, or any online presence whatsoever
  • Learn the essentials of Facebook advertising without the headache!
  • How to profit from your Facebook group and more!
  • Templates, and worksheets, sales script included
  • Daily Live training to answer your questions, with the recordings always available

At the end of this training, you’ll be able to finally get rid of the clutter in your business by building an automated campaign pipeline, bringing in consistent clients and new clients every week.

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Coaches& Consultants... Ready to invest in your Facebook Ad Training for under $500?


Hours of Daily LIVE recorded group training.


Facebook ad Resources and Templates


Dollars saved each month from 3x the ad budget from the agency you hired to do this for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Training Right For Me?

Any coach consultant, or solopreneur, who wants to learn how to profit from a new or existing facebook group and learn how to do Facebook ads that get new clients.

What If I Don’t Have Time

You'll need an hour or two a day to begin, and we are going to keep you accountable to help you work through it. to make sure you get results. You can also check out our recordings anytime, so if you miss a coaching call you can watch the recordings.

When Do I Get Access to The Training?

Once you purchase the training, you'll receive the logins to your portal where you can get access to the worksheets, recordings, and more.

Our next launch is set for July 15th. We go live for an hour every day M-F. This is being recorded so if you miss the live training, you can catch it from the recording, in the portal.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Once enrolled you’ll receive information from us on how best to contact us via email for questions about the coursework, or our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues. You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live training, and through our private Facebook community.

Have questions?

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