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Lean Mean Sales Machine

Lean Mean Sales Machine
$497.00 now.

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LMSM Membership is for the “Phase 1” who has an idea for service business but not sure where to start, you will learn the skill set to launch, build and grow your business from scratch. This membership is for you if : • You are an entrepreneur, professional service provider, or consultant. • You have a couple of clients but you're still hustling with no momentum going yet. • You hear about other consultants creating similar services like yours and making 8 times more money than you. • You know it’s possible for you to get to 6 figures but you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with how to get there • You've tried to launch your side hustle consulting business for a while, but just haven’t had the success you’d expect. • You have so many ideas but are not sure how to execute them, and /or which you should start first. • You want structure, a consistent predictable income every month.  

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