If you’re on this page, it means you’ve been personally invited into Lean Mean Sale Machine mentorship program 

This is a 6 weeks commitment to building the foundation, and automated pipeline of your business.  Once this is built you’ll continue to scale your business automatically with new prospects scheduling consultations with you each week. 

So, what does LMSM include? 

Trello board  With Subject Matter Experts Providing Support/Audits/Accountability   

Your mentorship is customized to your business needs, and you’ll have daily support We will hold you accountable weekly, support you daily, audit your systems, sales calls, and more.

Linkedin techniques and automation 

At the beginning, we want to focus on making you an ROI from the program investment as quickly and as simply as possible. We’ll start with low-hanging fruit, past leads, and your current network. being able to make it so that the ROI you’ve received from the program is immediate, quick, and simple.

Lean Mean Sales Machine Training  (6 weeks)

We provide you with all the training, accountability, community, hand-holding, swipe files, LinkedIn messaging, email sequences, and everything you need to start to get clients from scratch. 

The content is broken up into 6 modules, and SOP (standard operating procedure) overviews. The 90-day accelerator is all about developing the foundational systems for your business for long-term, sustainable growth: Goals, building your foundation, Prospecting, Sales, Fulfillment, Hiring, Productivity, and more. We’ll ensure you have a strong grasp of your avatar, a productized list of services, a fulfillment team to execute, and a prospecting system provides leads predictably, works specifically in your niche, and is easy to delegate. We’ll also develop an optimal sales system, your onboarding/retention process, and teach you how to hire and manage an A+ team.

The milestones are unique per service business, but here’s some baseline KPI’s we’re looking for after week 6: Having an automated system built out, building authority, knowing what niche to focus on , and knowing how to close deals, and having leads come through your pipeline. 


If you don’t feel like you’re getting anything out of this training, we’ll reimburse you within 14 days if the training 

Daily Group Workshops With Subject Matter Experts (2x per week)

Twice  a week we will be LIVE on a recorded video screen sharing call r in a mastermind setting for office hours. The office hours calls will be the best time to have live mentorship and Q&A, while also communicating alongside the other members.

Prospecting In A Box 

Our proprietary prospecting system, setup in 3 stages that works in any niche, is semi-automated, easy to delegate, and scales predictably. We set this up with you on a 1 on 1 call to ensure it’s customized to your needs.

We cut the learning curve by providing you the templates and procedural documents to ensure that you’re able to move quickly and implement effectively.

This is for We also give you an “Agency In A Box” link featuring our prospecting system, follow-up, appt reminder, and no-show sequences, our sales pipeline, onboarding process, and hiring funnel.

Vetted Contractors –You can’t create a scalable system by yourself!

Once you start getting clients from our training, you’re going to need to have contractors to work with you.

Otherwise, you’ll be completely drained your business will stop scaling. 

Since this training is all about building systems and scaling, we’ve added our vetted contractors to this list so you can reach out directly (without any type of affiliate commission from us. )

These are contractors that we’ve used to get to where we are now. They’re simply amazing people to work with at an affordable rate.

Dataminers, graphic designers, Virtual assistants… you name it. These guys are pure gold.

First Dibs Access To New Content, Concepts, Ideas

Optimization is the key to long-term success. We’re always experimenting with new ideas, tactics, and methodologies. You’ll get first dibs to test them out!

How it Works: 

Quite simply, I’m going to help you cut through the clutter, by using proven organic outbound strategies to scale your business WITHOUT ADS, funnels, and landing pages, which can be overwhelming and take time. I’m talking about leveraging the hidden gems that schedule more clients from LinkedIn and cold email strategies.

We’ll be taking our experience, training, mentorship, accountability, and SOPs to ensure the highest possible growth inside of your business while making the biggest impact possible.

We will ensure you are positioned as the CEO of your company (or the role you desire) to get new clients while building a team, where you can run the agency without you micromanaging and wearing all the hats.

If you’re currently a freelancer wanting to make the leap to agency owner, then this is for you.

This training is guaranteed and it works. AND quite frankly, it’s not expensive  ( Under a thousand bucks!) for the amount of value you’re getting and your Return on Investment.

Only 6 new applicants taking per month. So if you are serious, please contact me before you have to be put on the waiting list. I’m on a mission to help more freelancers become agency owners, from using the methods that have worked for me to scaling my business.

No one helped me to get to where I am now,  and as a result, it cost me time and money. I MADE IT but it took me 6 years… I now feel it’s my obligation to help others achieve what took me 6 years to learn, in only six weeks.  In order to do that, I need to give individual attention to a small group of people willing to take action.

Taking courses online without accountability doesn’t take you to where you want to be, but I will.

So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels, contact me now at Liz@siliconbeachacademy.com