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Charlie Harper
is a 7- figure entrepreneur, teaching students essential marketing skills needed to grow a business.

Courses include:
• Become Internet Famous
•  Mailchimp for Beginners
•  Zapier Hacks to Automate and Scale


Sarah Johnson
helps hundreds
of entrepreneurs market themselves from
Tik-Tok and Instagram.

Courses include:
• Tiktok Marketing and Advertising


Patrick Clifton
has been a marketing consultant for subscription services and memberships.

Courses include:
• How to Build Your Own WordPress Membership site.

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Our affordable online programs will help you grow and scale your online presence.From whatever stage you are in your business, our expert marketers wil help you get to the next level

What is "The Lean Mean Sales Machine?"

Accelerate your prospecting and closing rate with our 6-week immersive training. This is the proven framework to get more high-tier clients without an ad budget.

The Lean Mean Sales Machine is our most popular interactive training. You’ll learn how to get clients by building relationships with the decision-makers.

Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow, Lean Mean Sales Machine will help you build a sales-pipeline system to scale your business.

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